Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wow, I'm lazy!

The title really says it all. It's been some Three months since I last posted on this blog. A lot has happened in that short time too. I'll try to keep it quick and simple. 

I've had the past two months off from playing poker and now i'm back! (Yep, that was quick and simple all right)

Due to financial and personal reasons I had to withdraw all of my bankroll from Pokerstars. It was quite annoying as I had just started gettting invovled in playing the $16 games, and was feeling quite at home "beating up nit regulars!". The time off was both refreshing and insightful, and i've had a lot of time to think about my game and how to take it to the next level. I found myself making plays that we're +EV, but not the most optimal way of playing a hand. Basically, I was neglecting my competition too much and relying on standard shoving/calling ranges, instead of actually thinking about differant plays and lines I could take to reduce the amount of risk for the same reward.

So i'm back to the tables this week, and it's been great. Nothing fabulous in terms of volume or winnings, but I already feel back into my groove, and i'm already implementing some new plays into my arsenal. I'm planning to play a lot of the 6 max and 18 max games as well as the 9 man games, when the tables are not filled with useless regulars who can't seem to fathom how to look at lobbies before loading games.

So not too much to say about poker right now, but I should be posting here more regularly and hopefully branching out to networking a little more than i have. I'd love to talk to other SNG regs about the game, so if anyone is interested just drop me a message in here.

I've also moved to a differant state in Australia now. I'm currently living in "Sunny" Brisbane. If you don't know, it's been anything but sunny here of late. We had a torrential downpour which basically flooded the whole city. Two weeks later we had one of the biggest Cyclones to hit Queensland ever further north of Brisbane. So it's been quite damp lately.

I really love it up here, the weather, the beaches, the cheap cold beer, the bikini clad women, it has all a guy could possibly ask for! I'm currently living with an old friend of mine whom I used to work with. He has a table tennis court setup out the back of his house, so for the past two months all we have been doing is playing a game which I thought was stupid. But it's actually an insane amount of fun!

Pretty sure this old lady would own me playing Ping Pong. 

So getting back to poker, my goal for this month is to just settle back into a routine. I don't expect much in the way of volume, but i expect to be playing at least 5-6 days per week. I'd much prefer playing 20-40 games a day instead of only playing 1-2 days a week and playing 100+ games in those days. Hopefully I can find some interesting spots to discuss here.

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  1. G'day mate and welcome back! I did notice you on the tables now that you mention it. FWIW I run table ninja during games which automatically refreshes the info tab so I can't see the chat box, probably good for me, stops me saying stuff I'll regret :p

    I'm semi-regging the 9man 6s at the moment. If you want to catch up and discuss I'm well up for it, I feel I'm running like poo right now so this could be of real benefit. email me @ and we'll try and arrange something.